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Admin - Willem: 084 209 5458
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Special Notice!
Special Notice; 2019-01
Please take note of the rule changes:
1)At times during scheduled rifle shoots there is only a Range Officer available on the 200m rifle range, but some shooters present wishes to also hangun.
Previously this was facilitated on the .22 side of the range.
Due to the possibility of ricochets and damage to the cement slabs (used for .22 silhouettes) no handgun of a calibre bigger than .22 may be used on the .22 Range.
2) Handgun shooting will be facilitated on the far left of the range, and the target must be placed at such a position to ensure that shooting is done in the direction of the backstop. Special attention must be given not to shoot in the direction of the angled wall at the left of the range.

3) Please note that Clay Shooting will now be scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of the month
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